Dvr log file


I looked at the DVR Folder and found a Logs Folder. Inside that are comskip and recording folders.

On the DVR Web UI is the Log Tab. Where is the file for that? Does this file have a limit in size? Can I easily clear it to start over?

I am using Synlogy NAS and the reason I ask is while testing it is nice to search for certain events going forward after making changes and I get old stuff.


On synology the log is at /volume1/@appstore/ChannelsDVR/channels-dvr/data/channels-dvr.log


Found it and it is 1,620,651,534 bytes. Is that normal? Since you did not mention I guess no way to CLEAR it from Channels DVR.


You can delete it and restart the DVR. That's the only way right now. It doesn't currently have a limit on size or clear automatically.


On the topic of logging:

Are there any plans to implement logging to a syslog, or on Linux systems with systemd to use journald? (This would take care of the need for Channels to handle its own log file rotation, and allow for centralized viewing of logs. Also, does the macOS version of the DVR server show up in the Console Log Viewer (or whatever the app is now called)?)


FYI.... I was able to delete it using "sudo rm .....". It was protected so needed the sudo.


Channels DVR runs as root on a Synology, so the log file is created by and owned by root.

stat /volume1/@appstore/ChannelsDVR/channels-dvr/data/channels-dvr.log

File: /volume1/@appstore/ChannelsDVR/channels-dvr/data/channels-dvr.log
Size: 4722958 Blocks: 9240 IO Block: 4096 regular file
Device: fc00h/64512d Inode: 106595084 Links: 1
Access: (0644/-rw-r--r--) Uid: ( 0/ root) Gid: ( 0/ root)
Access: 2019-07-02 10:02:08.138009073 -0700
Modify: 2019-07-02 10:13:31.980357798 -0700
Change: 2019-07-02 10:13:31.980357798 -0700
Birth: -