DVR new and current recordings not showing up without reopening app

When recordings are in process or there are recent recordings, they don’t always show up in the interface. What I have been doing is backing out of the app and going back in to make that section refresh. Is this normal?

What version of the app?

2.1.10 on Nvidia Shield.

I am finding similar. I use the Shield home screen channels and these don't update latest playing from the DVR unless I open the app

@regalado20 Were you also talking about the home screen channels, or some other interface?

This is common for me too in the Nvidia Shield.

Often times after starting up Channels, I know certain things are recording but don't show up. I have to back out of it and then restart it to get the most recent recordings to show.

I'm assuming that if I shut down the Shield while Channels was still running, and the next time I turn on the Shield Channels starts up from a sleep state and doesn't refresh the recordings list.

I haven’t noticed the home screen missing current or new recordings. Only while in the app.

This should be fixed in the latest beta app on the Play Store.

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Do you know what might be causing my problem above?

Are you using the beta version from ?

Have moved up to it. Been monitoring it and I think it is working better. Thanks

Yes definitely fixed now =)

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