DVR not found


Having a recurring problem on Shield TV - every time I open Channels after watching something else (say, Netflix) it says it can’t find the DVR, and I get the screen with the IP address and option to try again etc. iPhone app meanwhile still works perfectly so there’s no problem with then HD Homerun tuner.
Nothing seems to work apart from force closing the app, which fixes it every time. Is this a known problem and is there something I can do to stop having to force close and re-open the app constantly?
Thanks !


Can you click Help on the top right and submit diagnostics the next time it happens?

Have you tried clicking Connect > At Home and entering the IP of your DVR server?


I can’t see any help button unfortunately, just a Learn More which takes me to a website, Try Again which doesn’t work and Log in to Remote DVR, which when I click that, go to the address it states and allow access, the page then says access has been granted but the TV comes up with a DVR Access Failure. Photos attached. Thanks


Hm, that looks to be quite an old version of the app. Can you check what version number is shown in the About section (or in the android tv apps list).


Channels version is 2.0.9 and DVR Server is version 1.0.


The latest version of Channels app is 2.0.12, and has several fixes for DVR connection issues.

Can you try updating from the Play store?


I didn’t realise it didn’t auto update ! Thanks buddy, just updated it and will report back either way.


It is supposed to auto-update. Maybe you have auto-updates turned off, or the play store got logged out or something.


You’re correct, I had it switched off. Thanks for the help, your near instant support is second to none !