DVR not recording according to Series Pass priority


I have an HDHomeRun Prime with 3 tuners. Last night, I had 3 shows scheduled to record at the same time, and was already watching live TV on one television. It makes sense that one of the scheduled recordings would fail. However, the recording that failed was the highest priority of the 3. Why would this happen? Dumb question, but the higher priority shows are listed at the TOP when sorting by priority, right? Log below.

2018/04/16 21:59:49 [DVR] Waiting 447.880847ms until next job 1523930390-10 The Crossing
2018/04/16 21:59:50 [DVR] Starting job 1523930390-10 The Crossing on ch=[511]
2018/04/16 21:59:50 [TNR] Opened connection to 13274EBA for ch511
2018/04/16 21:59:50 [DVR] Starting job 1523930390-11 One Strange Rock on ch=[621]
2018/04/16 21:59:50 [DVR] Waiting 59.477249648s until next job 1523930450-7 Good Girls
2018/04/16 21:59:50 [DVR] Recording for job 1523930390-10 from 13274EBA ch511 into “TV/The Crossing/The Crossing S01E03 2018-04-16 Pax Americana 2018-04-16-2159.mpg” for 1h0m39.997619814s
2018/04/16 21:59:51 [TNR] Opened connection to 13274EBA for ch621
2018/04/16 21:59:51 [DVR] Recording for job 1523930390-11 from 13274EBA ch621 into “TV/One Strange Rock/One Strange Rock S01E04 2018-04-15 Genesis 2018-04-16-2159.mpg” for 1h0m39.477220374s
2018/04/16 22:00:49 [DVR] Waiting 126.69µs until next job 1523930450-7 Good Girls
2018/04/16 22:00:50 [DVR] Starting job 1523930450-7 Good Girls on ch=[508]
2018/04/16 22:00:50 [DVR] Waiting 20h29m9.992103488s until next job 1524004200-5 NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt
2018/04/16 22:00:50 [ERR] Failed to start stream on channel 508 via 13274EBA: got HDHR error: 805 All Tuners In Use
2018/04/16 22:00:50 [DVR] Error running job 1523930450-7 Good Girls: could not start stream on channels=[508]: got HDHR error: 805 All Tuners In Use


What order are the passes in?


The highlighted shows are the ones that were scheduled to record at the same time. The top one, Good Girls, is the one that failed. But I would have expected One Strange Rock to fail, as it is at the bottom and I would assume has the lowest priority.


Okay I see what happened…

The two shows that got recorded were scheduled to start slightly before Good Girls. It started those two in order of priority, but then Good Girls started later and missed out.


Slightly before… As in one second? I assumed that a show that starts at 10:00 actually starts at 10:00. Does that differ slightly between TV stations? If so, I wonder if it would be a good software update to have Channels DVR take into account a 10 second (or whatever amount you’d see fit) buffer to make up for these slight differences. Meaning, if 3 shows are scheduled to record at 10:00, maybe Channels groups everything from 9:59:50 - 10:00:10 together so that it can better assign priority. Thoughts? In the meantime, I’ll update the higher priority show to start 30 seconds ahead of time so it always grabs a tuner before the other two start.


Looks like it started one minute later: