DVR Recoknizing .MKV files in original Folders

Hello, love this script on linux. In the interest for space I convert your .mpg files into .mkv files with some compression but exactly the same names. I tried to point the beta extra library feature to the video folder with the .mkv files but it knows it's the same original folder Channels DVR already points to. Are you able to have Channels DVR recoknize other video file formats besides the .mpg ones created? That might fix the challenge. Thank you.

What script are you referring to?

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Love the Channels dvr program? Sorry. In linux you gave us a script to install and set up Channels. It's a thing of beauty! Sorry for the confusion.

Rename your .mkv file to have extension .mpg and copy it over the original .mpg file.
Channels will still see and play it.
You may have problems with commercial skipping if you do that.
The approved way is to put your .mkv files in a separate directory for importing.

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I didn't think of that... Just make a compressed .mpg file instead.
........ Thanks!

If you make any changes to the original recording and want commercial skip to work you have to recomskip the new file you make.
I'm pretty sure it wont work on MKV files, even if you rename the file extension to .mpg, but I haven't tried.

Best way is just to create a separate import directory, put your MKV files there, import them and see if you can recomskip them.

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Gotcha. I don't have any exterior videos, just what ChannelDVR records. Nothing to import. As mentioned I just like to compress what ChannelsDVR records into a more overall matching resolution and framerate so all of my devices can play it later without hiccups.

I do something similar with a windows script to shows I want to keep ... If the show is already H264 I simply extract subtitles .. and remux to mkv inserting subtitles. If it is mpg I do the same but transcode to H264 mkv.

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