DVR Recording spinning (not playing) ATV4K


I’ve come across a problem I cannot solve. I have 2 ATV4K devices in my home, both wired running the same version of Channels. DVR recordings play on one device but do not on the other, or at least do not play well (the video can be selected but all I get is a spinning wheel). Plex and VLC play the files immediately. I recently replaced all my Ethernet cabling thinking it was a networking issue; it is not. When I switch the Apple TVs (different room, different switch), the problem remains with the same Apple TV. I’ve checked all the settings I can think of to keep them the same across the two devices, any suggestions as to what settings I should be looking for?


Just submitted logs regarding the player hoping you might see something. Tried playing an old recording of Fool Us, it took over a minute to begin playing...


Did you try deleting the channels app ad reinstalling?


Could be a hardware issue with the ATV. I think there is a network test you can do in the settings. Does that pass with no issues?


Delete and reinstall did the trick. Thanks!