DVR Recordings are visible but will NOT play

any time I click on Watch it just flashes and stays on the watch screen.

I am using a Synology DS 220+ with DSM7.

I have tried it on multiple Apple TVs

it does work on my iphone though.

If there's nothing in the DVR log and the DVR web UI Activity doesn't show the Apple TV client watching the recording, I would suggest submiitting diagnostics from the Apple TV when it happens.

Did you get all clients on a wired network or are these still on Wi-Fi? Any errors in the dvr logs?

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yes everything is wired...I noticed that I can play new recordings AFTER I restored the database (I changed hard drives in my NAS but I backed up and restored with Hyper backup)

the error in the DVR log is

2022/01/05 06:54:33.879903 [ERR] Recording 8188 (TV/My Celebrity Dream Wedding/My Celebrity Dream Wedding S01E01 Romance With a Touch of Bling 2022-01-03-2100.mpg) missing: stat /volume1/ChannelsDVR/TV/My Celebrity Dream Wedding/My Celebrity Dream Wedding S01E01 Romance With a Touch of Bling 2022-01-03-2100.mpg: no such file or directory

which is weird because I can play EVERYTHING (before and after) with channels on my phone.

I got it figured out...thanks to Macnbaish I figured out that it was recording to the old temp directory.

thank you to all who contributed.

PS I miss Locast :frowning: :frowning_face:

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You can run the below command and it will purge all your dead links since you moved your files.

curl -XPUT http://192.168.1.x:8089/dvr/pruner/deleted

thank you...but where did the missing files go? I found the other files on another DVR set up I had but some files are just missing all together

They were manually deleted or moved out of Channels' directories by you, rather than using the Trash/Delete options from within Channels itself.

I definitly didnt delete them

Then you moved them outside of Channels' hierarchy, as that command removes entries from the Library that are not found on disk.

And if that is not the case, then you may have failing hardware or errant destructive scripts/processes running, and need to assess your systems.


do a search on our computer/NAS. They might be there and just not mapped as stated above. Once you find the folder location of the missing files, you can then map via local content and import them. Or move the "missing" files to your defined local content folder and they will become accessible.