DVR Schedule and Recordings not working

None of our recordings have worked in the last week or so. Also, the DVR schedule is off. It's showing Sunday Nov 14 as being scheduled (today is Nov 23). If I try to record live TV it puts in the queue. I can watch live tv though and it shows it as now in the Guide. The DVR Schedule date/time seems to be off by a couple of weeks.

I think I fixed it. I disabled the DVR and then enabled it again. That seemed to reset it.

How do you disable DVR?

Screenshot 2021-11-24 144943

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Thanks. What's the actual use case here?

More broadly, to allow you to change where you store your recordings. One example would be to move your old "primary" recording location into a secondary/back-up role, and use a newly attached drive as your new primary storage location.

A second scenario could be to "kickstart" the DVR into re-reading its configuration/settings, especially when you make changes to the hardware/system below it.

There are myriad others. Those are simply the first two that easily came to mind.