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Hi! How is the priority set for the Server side Guide? I currently have 3 TVE Sources but when I select each individually from the source drop down 1 shows no channels, another shows some channels. Should the guide show all channels for each individual source? My top source for recording shows no channels. Maybe I have something set up incorrectly?

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This was reported here ....

Need Guide Data explanation - Channels DVR - Channels Community (

I saw that but its not really addressing what I am experiencing nor was the question really answered. If I have a TVE source that should have 100 channels and I go into the (Server Side) > Live TV > Guide. And select that source should I not see 100 channels? Why am I only seeing a handful for that source?

This is completely on the server side / settings page

Is the "Filters" drop-down set to "All Channels" and not the default "Favorites"?

Yes it is filtered to All Channels. I have no favorites set for anything so that shows as blank as it should

Here are some screenshots which I hope will better explain my pain point with this. When I go to the guide and sort by specific TVE I am only seeing 1 or 2 channels out of a supposed 160+. Does anyone know why this might be?

Capture 1

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Looks like a display bug for sure.

To clarify: once we fix this display bug, you still will not be able to start playback of a specific provider for a specific channel because the playback logic on the web does not tell the server to restrict playback to a specific device.

Ok understood. Thank you for helping me realize I was not crazy! Haha

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Not a huge deal, the fix did bring back the channels to the selected TVE however the channel logos are missing from the guide. For instance this feed (image below) only showed FOX. Now it shows all but all the others have no channel logo.

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ON the web UI: I am on the current stable release 2023.08.18.2205
I have this problem also, it used to show only 3 of my Cox stations, was that way for months.
but now it says:
"Guide data is still downloading, check back in a few minutes."
It's been like this current error since the Gracenotes guide data issue a short while back.
I don't really care, I can disable all my other Sources on Clients leaving only Cox and all my channels are there.
And when I Enable another Source AFTER Cox on a client I see the the additional channels from 2nd Source
So I know Cox is pullling its channels just fine, BUT is is not right that the web ui cannot show the channels

Go to Guide Database -> Maintenance -> Refresh Station Logos. Does that fix it?

Unfortunately it does not look like it did.

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I feel like its just pulling all the channels and putting that same list on each TVE source. SlingTV should not have the same number of channels on the guide as FuboTV but it looks like it does.

Latest pre-release looks like it fixed the issue. Thank you!