DVR Server Unresponsive after Update

When I updated my DVR server from pre-release v2022.02.24.0145 to v2022.02.24.2143 today, the DVR Server process became unresponsive.

I've never encountered this show-stopping behavior before when updating.
Hopefully the diagnostics can shed some light on what caused this issue.

Diagnostics: 20b67d9f-5dd9-4ae4-956e-168293caf0e9

The Web UI was showing a blank white page with only the (endlessly) loading spinner, whether it was accessed on the DVR laptop itself on localhost or from another computer, so it was seemingly still running "partially," just stuck in some bad state. Most importantly, clients could not connect to the DVR server either.

I tried using the right-click "Exit" menu option multiple times from the icon in the Windows taskbar notification area, but the DVR server continued running regardless. These attempts can be seen in the logs below by the repeated Shutting Down... entries. To regain normal operation, I had to manually end the channels-dvr.exe process and then start Channels DVR back up. Despite it hanging immediately after running the update, the update had completed successfully.

Logs Snippet:

2022/02/24 18:40:07.772871 [SYS] Downloading new version v2022.02.24.2143
2022/02/24 18:40:11.796510 [SYS] Update downloaded and verified successfully.
2022/02/24 18:40:17.570793 [SYS] Bonjour service stopped.
2022/02/24 18:42:26.520211 [SYS] Shutting down...
2022/02/24 18:42:30.686781 [SYS] Shutting down...
2022/02/24 18:42:41.432233 [SYS] Shutting down...
2022/02/24 18:44:12.247369 [SYS] Shutting down...
2022/02/24 18:44:14.088217 [SYS] Shutting down...
2022/02/24 18:44:16.106443 [SYS] Shutting down...
2022/02/24 18:45:54.879703 [SYS] Starting Channels DVR v2022.02.24.2143 (windows-x86_64 pid:7388) in C:\ProgramData\ChannelsDVR\data
2022/02/24 18:45:55.076405 [SYS] Started HTTP Server

I also noticed that the logs were missing some of the usual messages, including:

  • [SYS] Shutting down for upgrade from [current version] to [new version]
  • [DVR] Recording engine stopped.
  • [SYS] Goodbye.