DVR shelf icons not being updated

I’m pretty sure this issue started before 4.0 was released
And I think it started with the last tvOS update

When you’re at the home screen and have the Channels app highlighted the recent DVR recordings icons are not updating.

In my screenshot you can see American dad is listed as an icon

But when I go to my DVR listings it’s been deleted for a day already.

It seems like the only time it refreshes now is after I fully reboot the Apple TV and re-launch the Channels app but then it’s just a one time refresh and the icons hold and never refresh again.

Can you try the TestFlight beta to see if there is any improvement.

I can’t this is my primary family TV and I can’t risk a beta creating further issues

But if you think the fix is in the works I can wait in till the final release

If this was a crippling issue and I didn’t have a choice I would go to Beta