DVR web UI not showing Movies Imports

They do appear under Recordings>Movies
But don't appear under Recordings>Imports>Movies and Unmatched Movies

Recordings>Imports>Shows and Unmtached Shows works fine.

Does the JS console show any errors?

No errors

Clicking on the Unmatched Movies link take you to http://x:8089/admin/recordings/imports/unmatched where nothing appears, so I manually went to the url http://x:8089/admin/recordings/imports/unmatched-movies
and it started working.

I'm able to duplicate the behavior every time.
I delete the movie import directory from settings, then add it back.
After it imports the movies, going to Recordings>Imports>Movies and Unmatched Movies
they display the number on the right, but no movies.

Found if I refresh the browser while on Imports>Movies and Unmatched Movies, it works.
Firefox 81.0.2 (64-bit) and Edge 86.0.622.43 (Official build) (64-bit)

Appears it wasn't doing a get http://x:8089/dvr/files?all=true until the browser page is refreshed. Now it's working everytime without refreshing the browser page???

Haven't been able to duplicate it again.
I'm guessing the web browser is fetching something (js?) from a Channels Internet server and something in the server code changed.

@chDVRuser this should be fixed in the latest release v2020.10.18.1924. We’ve been updating a lot of code in the web app’s recording page code and a few bugs have slipped in. Thanks for letting us know about these issues and sorry for the inconvenience!


Thanks, works in new version now.

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