DVR Won't Record Scheduled Programs

I've been using my DVR successfully for a while on my Mac Mini with my ATV but in the past week, anytime I have a recording scheduled (Pass or manually set), it refuses to record and throws up a couple of different error codes after not initiating recording. I've made sure the Mini running the DVR isn't going to sleep and that the recording path is correct. I can't see anything in my setup that's changed at all. Beyond that, I'm at a loss and would love help, if anyone has ideas.

The error codes I keep seeing in my log are:

Skipping job because program already started 1585195260-18 LEGO Masters
Failed to start stream on channel 13.1 via 1068E70F: HDHomeRun: 806 Tune Failed

This is a hardware issue. Please email [email protected] with your HDHR device ID for help

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction - Firmware update fixed things. Be well!