Early day feedback

Re channels for hdhomerun, could it be configurable what buttons do while watching live TV? For instance I like pushing up and down for channel selection. Rather than how it is now where it's push down, then scroll sideways. I also like pushing back button to get rig of any overlays. Seems back button stops playback even when there is an overlay.

If it's selectable then it could be tailored to how the individual would like.

Also, I find having to click the back button and then down button to guide isn't overly intuitive.. How would it be better I'm not sure. Potentially there could be the full guide shortcut next to the quick guide when you push down on the remote.

Its all early days comments (first time loading) so might be a bit premature for suggestions from me.

While Channels is very customizable, allowing you to customize what buttons control the user interface and user experience is not something we would ever do.

You're conflating 2 different things, channels surfing and utilizing a user interface to browse. These are 2 completely different things. It sounds like what you need, is a different remote. One that has a channel Up and Down button. We support this and with this kind of remote, you would have what you're looking for. You can search this community to find discussions about alternative remotes.

This is completely by design. We don't use the back button to dismiss user interface elements, because they time out and dismiss on their own. Since the back button exits the video player, if we used the back button to dismiss UI elements and overlays, it puts you in the awkward position of potentially exiting the video player because you pressed the back button at just the wrong second after the overlay dismissed itself. You may have experienced this in other video playing apps, I know I have. This is why we don't do it and the back button exclusively exits the video player only.