Easy question, IP address

ok, so, I am using Nvidia Shield, wired, thru a Switch... I think, when I reboot my router or modem, the switch gives new IP address to the Shield. I was reading something about bonjour... I might have UNchecked it. anyway, a couple times, I come back, and, Channels wants me to signin/whatever post a new IP address... surely, I'm doing something wrong? how to Avoid having to do this any time I reboot my router/modem/switches ... thanks for the help!

Turn bonjour back on so you don't have this problem.

Thank You!

You can keep the Shield from getting a different ip address everytime by reserving an ip address in your router.

Paste this in your favorite internet search engine, replacing netgear with whatever router you have

reserve dhcp ip address netgear router

ok, so, its been aWhile, but, back to THANK you, I finally Did this, and, of course it worked... always nice to use good programs with Helpful people to point the way!

spoke Too Soon... did something wrong... sigh