Echo Show


Will the Channels App work on the Echo show?


No there is no app for the Echo Show


Are there plans for an Echo show app?


There's no current plans.


The echo show is not compatible with the HDHR video streams. See more discussion here:


Would this be another reason to support DVR Access via MPEG4? I use my multiple ECHO Show's with Hulu Live TV. Would be nice to be able to use Channels instead.


The DVR web UI can already transcode to mpeg4. You can use the Silk or Firefox browser on your Echo Show to access the DVR web UI, and play live tv or recordings that way.

We have our hands full with existing platforms and are not investing resources into any new devices/platforms. The DVR's web UI is available on all devices where we don't have native apps.


Thanks - I'll play with that and see how it works.

I'm a big fan of Channels. It's my primary DVR for my Apple TV/Television setup. But with the introduction of an Echo Show into my household, if there were a native app (or if the web UI is easy to launch/navigate) I can almost see Channels being used a lot more frequently. My family gathers around the Apple TV/Television for 1-2 hours at night and uses Channels. While the Echo Show is in the kitchen and would likely be used throughout the day.

Just my 2 cents!