Edit channel info for guide organization

This is a two part question, am I able to edit channel info so that it is organized correctly on the guide interface please see BTN network example… Also can you edit channel category so it will show up In the correct sort category, biggest example is all the CBS news channels example below... thanks

Not following what you mean. The screenshot shows All Channels and I guess you have the app set to sort channels by name in your settings. What is the "correct" organization?

Sorry I will try to clarify so in my example you can see there is multiple BTN network’s… Because they have regional coverage the first one is listed after the BET network… And there are several channels listed after that until the other two BTN network channels are listed so I was wondering if I could fix whatever was separating those channels... So that all the VTN channels will be listed together in order alphabetically ....And I assumed I could do that if I could edit the channel info because it’s just the way it’s set up to listed alphabetically

Ah okay I see.

There's no way to edit the info at the moment.

Can you check the full names of those channels? I'm surprised they're so different that the sort is affected

694 is BTENOHD

1313 is BIG10HD

1314 is BIGTENO

I have several channels like this and have been wondering the same thing. Drives me nuts!

It looks like the app is sorting the names based on the callsign. We might be able to change this for the alphabetical mode to use the full name of the channel instead, which should work better.