Ematic AGT418/419 - Just updated 20 minutes ago

I'm running the app on Ematic AGT418's and 419's. In the best way possible.....

I can see where I want to mention a few possible tweaks, but overall it looks damn good. Renewal secured :smile:

The only actual issues I've encountered are for one it seemed to hang when I tried to exit the first time. It eventually closed, but not in a timely manner. So I bounced the box to see if it would help, and that resolved it. The other issue occurred at first start, start after closing app, and start after a box restart. It shows "Preparing Your TV" for about 35 to 40 seconds. Seems a bit long, no? If I exit the app and go back in without closing the app out there's no delay at all.

Other than that this is definitely a move in the right direction IMHO. Thanks!

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Please submit diagnostics from the app after the boot up delay

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