Enable downloads over cellular

While I understand that some may not want to download over cellular, there are some of us that very much do want the option to be able to download over cellular.

Can we please have an option to allow downloads over cellular, if we choose to do so.


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I was just about to say the same thing. I have a very large bucket of data on my iPad. I was about to jump on a plane and decided to download a couple of shows over 5g for the flight. I was disappointed that I couldn't do it. I would have sworn I did it over the summer.

We can look at adding that soon. We just want to make sure we do it in a way that protects data plans as it will be really easy to accidentally download 10GB without knowing.

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Add me as another user who wants this option.

+1 here. I have a generous iPad data allowance and would love the option to download over cellular.

Can you tell me how generous? A broadcast TV show can be 7GB or more. Depending on the source, a movie or sports game could be 20GB or more.

I don't technically have a limit. To allow access (explicitly including media content) when we're in restricted areas such as China, my company allows us to download as we need to over cellular. For whatever reason, cell providers don't seem to be subject to the Great Firewall like hotel wifi usually is. I've never had an issue downloading movies from Amazon Prime or Plex, but those are both compressed for mobile viewing. Perhaps an option to allow downloads up to XX GB over cellular would be helpful, where either a dropdown or text entry could allow the user to choose the value of XX.

I'm sympathetic to the fact that no matter how well you warn about it some users will wipe out their entire month's usage or incur overage charges and try to blame it on Channels. I personally can download many GB of content without an issue, but that might not apply to most cellular users.

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I have VZW unlimated. I typicaly use 300-500GB a month. Mostly streaming. Big part of that is my cell network during non peak hours is way faster then my home ISP.

For a large portion of users. Data caps are a thing of the past. Instead they de-prioritize users. That only happens during times of congestion.

A better question is what percentage of users still have data caps?

Idk. Maybe im just first-world lucky and can afford unlimated plan. But i haven't thought about data limits since 2018-ish?

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I think this (as usual) is more complicated than it seems. I have an iPad without a data plan that is set to automatically tether to my iPhone. I have an AT&T Unlimited data plan on my iPhone, but that plan has a limit of 30GB of data for tethered devices.

We wouldn’t ever have a way to quantify this but even if this was 1% it wouldn’t be fair to change the default to create a situation where they’re accidentally paying an extra $100 or $1,000 bill because they had accidentally downloaded some shows on cellular without realizing it.

We plan on making downloading over cellular an option in the future, it’s just going to be something that we have to be careful about to prevent it from hurting folks who don’t have these unlimited data plans.

I always appreciate your desire for stability, and reliability. Nothing is worse then unexpected problems. Though I think download over cellular is a cool feature. TBH i would never use it. I can access my NAS files remotely. I just upvote ALL feature request. Never know if i might like it.

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I would love this feature too. Apple just added this feature for large app downloads. It just asks for confirmation each time.

It’s available at least in the iOS beta app under settings > debug

It's now available under the new Download settings.