Limited number of votes here?

I didn't know we could run out of votes. I haven't voted THAT often, maybe a few times a month? When I clicked to see where all my votes have gone, I got a forum error. Hmm. Anyone else?

Yes, this is still broken

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Voting can't be unlimated with all the bot-net flooding the vote.

I think vote limater is kind of anoying. But agree with the concept.

Especially when you have idiots who upvote anything

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What is the limit though? For all time? Or does the limit get refreshed every week, every month? And if it is limited, how do we remove old votes to reallocate votes for new feature requests? Or are we just locked out from voting for anything ever again?

I think n it resets. Unsure of how fast. I have done max votes. Then been able to vote in future.

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I think you're given vote tokens for good behavior (like when you earn a badge).
Maybe you get bumped to a new level of bonus accumulation.
IDK I was just surprised one day when I clicked to vote on something and saw I had 76 votes left.
I'm down to 64 now.

Mentioned this while back., dev looked into it, gave up. Can't view or remove votes. Once u use them up, your done. Do they really pay attention to the count anyways...nah,.,.i don't think so. Maybe they do, but I have not really seen any evidence to support it. Then again, users have NO way to view what features they have voted for, so no way to look at what things were voted for them implemented.

Forgot to link my thread on said "Sorry I tried to fix and couldn't figure it out."

And the Thread before mine

Then maybe the broken and meaningless voting system should be removed from the forum. It's strange to be told "You are out of votes, remove an existing vote" only to be taken to an error page when you click. And I'm sad I can't vote for anything anymore :sleepy:

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Broken part aside, from having run software user groups, you have to set a cap for user votes to have it be an effective system.

Development resources are finite at a company of any scale, so the point is for users to allot their votes to the things they really want. You end up with a better, targeted hierarchy of what is under the most demand from your user base.

The system we used would allow you to put all your votes on a single item, or spread them a cross multiple things, or any combination thereof.

Understood, but then an obviously-crucial part of that system is letting people know that the cap exists, and what that cap is, precisely, so they can ration their votes accordingly!

You can just post "+1" post to a new feature request i guess. That what i been doing.

That's not a Discourse issue, we've been running the Vote plugin for a long time on our Discourse setup and it works just fine.

The votes are set by Trust Level, and are based on the number of active votes you have used. They don't reset or increase based on time. Discourse Topic Voting - plugin - Discourse Meta

Granted, the Discourse Error Logs (Logster) are pretty hard to read, Discourse is all Ruby.

What is the default allotment of votes each user is provided?

Vote limits have been increased.


Thanks, I’ll do that. To be honest since I didn’t know votes were limited, and also didn’t see any rules or explanation about it, I used my votes as sort of a “+1” — a quick and efficient way to show support for a good idea.

Had I known these votes were going to run out and also that I couldn’t review or change them, I certainly would have voted less frequently.

Cool, that works too, thanks! :slight_smile:

If you can remember what you voted on then you can unvote from the same spot. Normally you can see your votes on your profile but that currently leads to an error with the backend polling thread.


Nope. and the link that one uses to view what you have voted for is what gives and error.

Nope what? The image I included kind of shows that it works?