"End Recording" pass options insufficient options

On my Apple Tv …

When I look at the options available for extending the “End time” of a series pass, the most you can extend it is 15 minutes. I saw other posts in the community forum where this was supposedly fixed by I don’t see any option beyond 15 minutes.

Routinely CBS and other stations will delay programming due to sports programs going longer than scheduled. As an example, CBS Sunday evening prime time programming may be delayed starting by as much as an hour in our experience.

Limiting the “End Recording” time in the options to only 15 minutes is therefore insufficient to capture the entire recording of programs like Madam Secretary, and so on, if a prior sports program goes over, often by as much as an hour.

Is there a way for me to increase the “End Recording” time options, or is this planned for a future upgrade ?


The only way to do this at the moment is using the DVR web UI to edit the pass or recording schedule.

Then you just violated the “make it work for my spouse” fundamental rule - she has this on DirecTV, and now to use the channels app on TV I have to also train her to use the web app? … won’t happen. Inconsistencies in capability like this are not appreciated by many for how hard it makes it for some of us convincing their households to cut the cord.

The app tries to provide sensible options wherever possible. In most cases, an hour of padding on a 30min show makes no sense.

The use-case you outlined is completely valid though, and not something we had considered. We know live events like sports are the major reason for extended padding, and that’s why the longer padding options are shown on Team Passes and other live events.

I’ve marked this thread as a feature request and we will work on a solution for a future release.

Great, thanks … you can imagine how this goes … I want to pad the sports because I can’t be there, my wife wants to pad for her episode of Madam Secretary because she can’t be there, thus for need to pad large amounts for both sports and regular prime time recordings

That also means both recordings will overlap in what they’ve recorded. The sporting recording will have an excess hour just in case (When Madam Secretary would have been) and the Madam Secretary will have that same hour recorded up front (when it should have been recorded)


THis remains a annoyance.
Why is there even hard coded options for padding?
Why can't it be a user input value number like how Emby does it?

1, 3, 5, then jumps to 15, 30...etc. its just strange.

I often have shows that air on OTA stations that get delayed due to long news or sports...and i do set 5 min after padding, but todays new episode of Family Guy the last 2 min got cut off. And the huge jump to 15min from the 5min option is far excessive.