Entry for Skipped Episode of a Pass Isn't Deleted from Scheduled Recordings List

This bug is a regression.

I often skip recording specific episodes of shows for which I have a pass. In the past, their entries in the scheduled recordings list continued to appear only until the next unskipped recording in the list starts. A while back I installed a daily build to get a fix for a different bug, and then this problem started to occur. I have tried installing newer daily builds to see if they fix this problem, but it is still there. I am currently running with version 2019.07.27.2354.

As a workaround, I can pause and then immediately resume the pass. But then I have to run through the list of upcoming episodes and then remark the ones I want to skip. Nearly every day, there is a recording that I want to skip. So it would be great if you could fix this bug, and keep it fixed.

This bug is fixed in the latest build. Update by click-and-hold on the Check For Updates button.

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Verified fixed in build 2019.07.29.2329. Thanks Aman!

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The bug that I reported and that was fixed only refers to the list that is accessed via the web UI in:

Thanks, I’ve moved to New Topic