EPG in Finland

Hi, otherwise Channels is working really good, but few channels are missing logos and one channel has wrong epg and its in swedish.

YleTv2, channel number 2 has a wrong logo.
TV5, channel number 7 is missing a logo.
NatGeo, channel 20, has a swedish epg, wrong timeline and programs.
4HD, channel number 24 is missing a logo.

Also, the main banner view on ATV home screen isnt working always, those quick buttons seem to show that the same program is live on and on for several days.

Which location and provider did you select in the app for guide data?

Theres nothing to choose anymore, its just Broadcast (OTA)… After some update its just been like that.

Please take a photo of the Settings tab with your HDHomeRun highlighted and email to [email protected]


I started to have similar problems. We got a new hd Channel MTVHD on Channel 23 gets no EPG data, but the sd Channel MTV3 on Channel 3(confusingly also called mtv3fhd,but it is not hd it is sd) gets EPG data.
Channels 1,2,3 are YLE1, YLE2 and MTV3 respectively but when I start to watch them the programs I see are from the Estonian broadcasting company, neighboring country 80km away.

All these channels showing "Julkaistaan pian" do not show EPG data at all. Problem has been on for days! Any fix coming, support email is not answering...