Epg xmltv for Poland seen/not seen (Again)

I was able to display epg guide for hdhomerun channels on Apple TV (CHannels production version)

Channels are mapped:

But on beta version DVR on Apple TV EPG is not seen for that channels,nor on the server component

Today something new, part of the guide appear but in wrong row :smiley:

You're going to need to Submit Diagnostic Logs from the DVR for us to have any idea what's going on with your setup.

Also, please take a screenshot that is the entire browser window so we have a better idea of what it is you're showing us.

Logs submitted as b5c533b1-40cd-4b2d-816e-b148287a58d4

After upgrade to 2020.06.27.0310 guide started to appear correctly. Nice surprice thank you.

Not sure what was the problem previously, probably something with not saving channel numbers assignment.
Now I hope the guide will be correctly seen in beta on apple tv.
Guide is working on on beta version. It was missing for today at first but I killed the app and relaunch it and it seems to work. Now I can finally test recording.

And again. after beta upgrade guide is missing.
Sent logs f7ac5d69-a49c-4f65-abb9-3ad1590fea6a

Seems like your xmltv file doesn't contain any new data.

You should add some option to see from what url i get This data, after several weeks it is easy to forget. Is the only option to change epg is to delete, and enter new url and again manually assign channels?