Episodes of TV Show skips and cycles through on Shuffle

Running into a bug when watching an imported TV Show on Channels Apple TV. When I click on Shuffle to watch a TV series, it will often cycle through about 25-30 episodes before finally playing one, but sometimes it will cycle through even more. What is causing this behavior? It only seems to happen when watching remotely. The only log line returned is : 2022/12/29 17:47:14.970572 [HLS] Stopping inactive session file66237-7ae28604cdd5


Hi, just bumping this back up to see if anyone has ever run into this. Happens both on remote and local network.

Thank you!

What do you mean by "cycles through"

Sorry, meaning that it will basically shuffle through and fail to play about twenty episodes or so until finally playing one. The files aren’t corrupted or anything, it will just try and load the episode for about 2-3 seconds before going on to the next one, and repeats about 20-25 times. Hope that makes sense.

Can you submit diagnostic from the app after it happens

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Thanks, just submitted under ab013358-2cb3-41f2-bc3e-c0070be34433 . I'll follow up on an email as well.

Please submit from the app not the server

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