Error when connecting remotely on Apple TV to live tv cnn or msnbc

I frequently get these long url errors when trying to connect remotely to a live channel stream (usually cnn or msnbc).

I am running channels on m1 mac mini and using Apple TV4k connecting remotely with great internet connectivity on both ends. I have Internet Streaming Quality set to 2Mbps and I have Use HEVC for transcoding selected.

When I get one of these errors, if i just try some other channels or completely close the App, it usually fixes itself.

I just want to know if there are any tweaks i could make to increase the reliability of connecting to live tv stream from the guide. Thanks!!!

Lately I have been having problems with the MSNBC feed starting. A subsequent attempt will authenticate. The logs show a 504 error, which would seem to indicate the problem is with their (the networks) servers.

In short, it's not you, but them.