ESPN missing from U-Verse

I have U-Verse u200 package which has ESPN.. With the U-Verse app I am able to watch ESPN, ESPNews, ESPN2, etc., but Channels does not authenticate when scanning. It was working at one time but I started to get an error, that I didn't record, so I rescanned. Now it is gone from my listings. How do I get it back?

The first step is to check whether you can view it on the networks' websites. Whether you receive a channel from your provider via their box/app is different from accessing it on their website. Channels uses a network's website feed, so that should be the first step in troubleshooting.

Please press-and-hold on the Check For Updates button in the Settings page of your DVR.

Then click pencil icon under ATT, click Edit at the top right, scroll down to ESPN and click rescan.

That fixed it! Thanks
One other channel that I can get with the U-Verse App is the Weather Channel but cannot get it with Channels. Is there a fix for it?

Thanks again!!

What error is displayed next to the channel when you the click pencil icon under ATT, click Edit at the top right, scroll down to 6094-WEATHER? did you try to rescan that channel?

Yes, I did a rescan. It says "Not Authorized" but it works on my Firestick in the U-Verse app.

Authorization happens through the website, not the app. To check if it's a Channels issue or an account issue, you must login to ESPN's site with your Uverse credentials and attempt to access the live stream that way.

Just because the app has access, that does not mean you have proper TV Everywhere support that Channels can use.

What is the url of the live streaming website for 6094-The Weather Channel?

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The Weather Channel missing from U-Verse

If you can find the live streaming website for The Weather Channel you can try logging in there with your U-Verse credentials to see if it works.

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