Every program I record now has "Failed Program missed" next to it

I keep getting Failed Program missed on every show now. For example, I recorded a morning news show today from 7 am until 9 am Central. I watched it in its entirety but when I navigate to the DVR tab it’s has Failed Program missed. In fact, every program has this next to it. If it was missed, how come I was able to watch it?
The next thing I did is go to the log file and it appears it was recorded correctly.

2020/05/20 09:00:00.824515 [DVR] Finished job 1589975970-13 Good Day at 7AM

2020/05/20 09:00:02.917552 [DVR] Processing file-4164: TV/Good Day at 7AM/Good Day at 7AM 2020-05-20-0659.mpg

2020/05/20 09:00:03.875958 [DVR] indexed 728 airings (92 channels) [0s fetch, 2s index]

2020/05/20 09:00:04.307515 [DVR] Running commercial detection on file 4164 (TV/Good Day at 7AM/Good Day at 7AM 2020-05-20-0659.mpg)

Any ideas?

Please go to Help -> Submit Diagnostic Logs from the web interface of the DVR and let us know when it's been submitted so we can have a better idea of what was going on.

The "program missed" error generally happens when the DVR computer goes to sleep and misses the program.

I don't think it went asleep because it is a QNAP TS-251+ NAS. I will send the Diag logs.