Excessive buffering? Clear transcoder cache?

Everything was working top notch but recently (sal last week or so)
Excessive buffering is occurring (Appletv iPad iPhone). So much so it’s now bothersome…

  • reviewed wifi speeds 300mbs slowest one
  • updated iOS systems
  • rebooted all devices ( note minipc runss channels it’s it’s only function and it’s remote in another geographic location )
  • settings stream changes original/ 6mbs
  • playback drivers from default to experimental and back both audio and video
  • I do see 625mb cache in transcoder section with option to clear that cache ….
    Could this fix it?
    What would I lose if I clear that cache ?

Thanks in advance

I can't solve your problem, but was just wondering what's going on with your ex's wife???


Man, that'd be pretty sweet....
Everytime she'd be about to nag... buffers.. and freezes in place?

Implement new feature, Channel DVR team?


She cleared his cache from his bank account


that one hit close to home :frowning: