Exit Confirmation

It would be great if when using the back arrow to navigate backwards, if the system would ask for confirmation before exiting to the Amazon Fire TV interface. It's too easy to exit unintentionally.

Please don't. I have too many prompts now, and there are no consequences for exiting.


It is also easy to go back. Maybe add an option Warn before quitting - yes/no

No more freaking prompts. I hate pop ups. Just don't keep hitting the freaking back button so many times.

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While I also hate popups/confirmations/notifications, I can understand people wanting them.
Would be great if the developers could add a server side setting for notifications.
That's better than aggravating some users when it's forced on them.

Simple case would be enable/disable all confirmations & notifications.
Best would be granular control over which are enabled/disabled.

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Exactly. It's too easy to exit unintentionally. It's poor UI design to have the button work in this way. There aren't that many prompts in Channels so I'm not sure what those who say "I have too many prompts" are talking about. More importantly, it's easy enough to add a setting where you decide whether you want to be prompted on exit or not. So it doesn't have to be one or the other.

It's not easy to intentionally exit. Just don't keep hitting the same button so many times. There are lots of popups and prompts already in the app. I don't understand the play status bar pops up everytime there some glictch in the stream or OTA signal, while watching live sports. But you have to hit the back button to get rid of it,
thats annoying and don't understand why it does pop up. The play status bar should only come up if prompted but it pops up all the time. Give us the ability to disable that then you can have the ability to enable your exit prompt.

Maybe there's an issue with your setup. The play bar never comes up uncommanded for me. Just because you don't have an issue with accidentally exiting, doesn't mean it isn't a problem. There are users with all levels of ability. Many would benefit from the prompt before exiting the app. In any event, an option in settings to enable/disable the exit prompt would take care of everything and make everyone happy.

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I'm confused by all of these posts. In my experience on both Apple TV and Android TV, pressing Back does not exit the app; it is merely put into the background. When the app is selected, it is brought back to the foreground in the same state it was when put in the background. Nothing is lost.

And the argument of "Just make it an option" leads to an overly cluttered interface with toggles and options for every small thing. Soon you'll be left with a nightmare of menus that make the program 5x as confusing to use as if none of the toggles had been put in.


I am in agreement.

On the Amazon Fire TV, it exits to the main FTV interface. This interface is confusing an convoluted for many users who are less sophisticated than most of the folks who post on here. My specific use case is that I am setting this up for my 80 year old mom. She loves Channels simplicity. However, when she accidentally exists, it is difficult for her to get back into the app. This may not be an issue for the new APPLE TV or other vanilla Android TV box; but it is for the FTV where getting to your apps requires scrolling past a bunch of favorites, advertising and other nonsense.

Adding the option wouldn't clutter the interface at all. It would be tucked away under settings and if you choose to disable it, your experience would not change at all. However, it is a usability/accessibility issue for many.


Sorry but Fire TV is Android TV like Nvidia Shield. I just prefere using the android over my Fire TV. but the act the same. Amazon changed their horrable interface and until they go back to the original, I'll stick with Android TV.

It's a bit odd that you feel the solution to this is: "Channels, keep me captive and make it so I can't leave the app."

Wouldn't a better solution be: "Amazon, your interface is confusing and trash, please fix it."

And if the Amazon interface is so poor and confusing, why are you using that as the base for a simple situation.

Another thing with Fire TV you can't customize. Android TV I have it configured to start Channels DVR and Channels DVR is set to start my favorite channel, All by clicking the power button, You can't do that with Fire TV. Also you always have to scroll the menu tab everytime to get to your 1st favored apps. Horrible interface they have forced on everyone that owns them.

Amazon's poor interface design doesn't mean that Channels DVR shouldn't strive to improve theirs. While the FTV interface is convoluted, there are many other benefits of using the FTV. It's very stable and inexpensive. Some can't afford or justify the cost of Apple TV or Android TV boxes. The FTV is frequently available for $19-29.

Here's a usage problem with the Channels DVR navigation. Let's say you are in the playback settings screen. You use the back button to exit all the way to the Main Channels DVR interface. Sometimes the system doesn't respond quickly and you need to press the back button again to go back to settings and then again to exit to the last screen you were on and then one more time to get the strip on the left allowing you to select between recordings, guide etc. So that's like 4 or 5 taps of the back button to get you back to where you want to be. But if you make just one more inadvertent press, you are out of the program entirely.

There's no issue of keeping you "captive" you into Channels because theres a home button right on the remote that make it very intuitive to go to the FTV home screen. All I'm suggesting is when you make the extra press to leave Channels, you are prompted to confirm that you intend to exit. Of course, if you don't want to see the prompt, you can disable it in settings.

Really, I can't understand the attitude of those who are arguing against this feature. It doesn't affect them at all, and could really help many other users.


How about kiosk mode?

If it operated as a true Kiosk mode it would be a great solution. However, it seems that the Channels DVR implementation of Kiosk mode just removes the "Settings" item from the navigation menu.

That's actually great. We can have exit confirmation if the app is in kiosk mode without affecting anybody else. Problem solved. What do I win? :wink:

Agreed! That would be a great way to do it!

It can also simply be an Exit/Power button at the bottom of the navigation strip. Like below Settings.