Experimental Audio doesn't work with original Airplay

So since I have been reporting issues I think might be due to experimental drivers, I wanted to mention that Experimental Audio doesn't work if I decide to turn on my Airplay speaker, which I use occasionally with my office TV. Its an original Airplay speaker, not Airplay 2. Its a Pioneer SWA-SMA4K. I like the speaker because it has a huge sound, bigger than a homepod. I don't use it all the time. But with Experimental audio, if I try to use the speaker it plays sound for a second when I tune a Channel and then goes silent. Default drivers do not have this issue. I don't have an issue using Default audio, but if Experimental audio is planned to eventually replace Default, I will lose use of the Airplay speaker.

This is a beta issue, because the stable Channels Experimental audio works fine with the Airplay.