Experimental Local Networks via TV Everywhere

If I am considering moving to a new location where HDHR will not get any locals.
Is there a way for the Local Networks via TV Everywhere to look in general, or to provide a ZIP ??
I just tried and when my browser (Firefox, Chrome) asked to allow 8089 Location and I said Block,
It said: Your browser failed to retrieve your geolocation: User denied geolocation prompt
Can I get around this?

No. It's designed to work that way.
Why would you not want it to work?
If you don't allow it to geolocate your browser, you don't get the local networks.

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That also works the same way on the tv station website where this all streams from. They use your geolocation to get you your local station besides the national stations. It doesn't show you everyones local stations. Just the one that should be for your area.

If you use a VPN to somewhere in that vicinity and allow geolocation, you might be able to test it out.