Export a list of my movie titles from Channels?

Does anyone know of a way to export a simple list of all the movie titles in my Channels library?

I have about 900 movies and I would like to export the list of titles in csv or excel for my own record keeping. Is there currently any mechanism for achieving this goal?

See BETA: API & Feeds

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Thanks for the quick reply. The new API feature looks great. I will see if I can figure out how to output into a format that will work for me. :grinning:

@rudejustus what columns would you like to have in the Excel sheet?

I'm really just looking for a list of the movie titles. It wouldn't hurt if I could get the release date too, but the title is my only real requirement. I just want to create a simple spreadsheet for keeping track of which movies I have.

I'm working on a script for myself that will do this. Once I'm done with it, I will share it with you, if you are interested. :slight_smile:

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That's great. Yes, I would definitely be interested. Thanks very much for your help!

Sorry for the delay, @rudejustus, life got a bit busy and it took me a while to sit down and finish my script.

But finally, it is ready. :slight_smile:
For more information, see Python script: Channels DVR movie list -> CSV file


Thanks very much mjitkop. I really appreciate your help. Thanks for taking the time to post your script and instructions. It's active users like you who help make channels the best. :hugs:


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