External HD DVR question

Hey guys! I just upgraded the internal storage on my MacMini. The mini now has a 500GB SSD for boot drive and a 4TB SSD for movies/tv shows. The 1TB HD included with the mini is now being used in an external enclosure connected to the mini via FireWire and will be used as the Channels DVR drive. I decided on this setup in order to avoid constant writing to the SSDs by the DVR. Everything went smooth on the migration of data and channels still picks up my movies and tv shows on the new SSD and DVR working properly on external HD. My 2 questions are:

  1. Will DVR performance suffer with this setup?
  2. Can I put this external HD to sleep when not in use and have it wake automatically when the channels app is opened. And will scheduled TV recordings still work?

I think that having a spinning drive constantly running in a small enclosure is bad news and would like to put the DVR drive to sleep when not in use. Thanks in advance for any input.

You may notice some files take a little while to start playing while the drive wakes up, but after that initial slowness you shouldn't see any slow downs.

(I keep my recordings on an external drive and it sleeps with inactivity. I haven't had a problem with recordings.)

Thanks for the input! Are you also on MacOS? Because there are two internal SSD’s in the MacMini I made changes to the drive settings in order to prevent the OS from trying to put them to sleep. It’s a recommended setting change when adding SSD’s to macOS. So, I’m assuming this setting is system-wide and affects external HD’s as well? Did you configure the sleep options for your external HD separately?

No, my system is Linux, and I'm pretty much using the default mount options systemd passes. (I'm using mount units handle my filesystems rather than fstab, as I find that much easier to manage with multiple btrfs subvolumes.)

Ok that explains why your drive sleeps. Mine has been spinning for five hours straight. I understand that the DVR drive is also being used by Channels for the live Cable channels, but even with no activity from channels and all channels apps closed, the drive never spun down. So I must find a way to configure the sleep options on this drive so that it ignores the systemwide settings.