External USB problems

Seem to be having trouble here. I have a 10TB WDPurple in 2nd usb slot. Seems to work intermittently. I actually moved it to an external usb and did network share. I originally had as NFTS and had permissions nightmare. Offloaded programs, reformatted as exfat and reloaded files. Day off and trying to troubleshoot.

Edit: formatted at same time. But, my 64gb exfat usb drive works fine. Only thing I can think of different is a 4k alignment on my 10tb drive.

Getting the following errors:
[rootedur-server /IS [ 816.7097011 sd 1:0:0:0: [sdb] Detected SBC vers:


816.7132281 sd 1:0:0:0: [sdbJ Reattaching UPDs

[ 824.8457531 exFAT-fs (sdb1): failed to load alloc-bitmap

824.8474211 exFAT-fs (sdb1): failed to recognize exfat type

Any ideas?

What is this USB drive plugged into? The 2nd USB slot of what platform?

If this is a Shield there is an update to fix problem with external storage ..... but you do not mention where you are running channels dvr.

What’s New in 9.1.1?

  • Resolves issue where TV remote would not control SHIELD 30 seconds after waking SHIELD
  • Resolves issues with CEC volume control not functioning properly on AV receivers or soundbars
  • Fixes bug with files not detected properly on connected removable storage
  • Resolves issue with SHIELD TV app not launching on select Samsung Galaxy phones
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Running dedicated Channels DVR in Pi 4. Mypassport WD is original drive in top blue 3.0 usb slot. WD 10 purple plugged into bottom blue 3.0 port, using Fideco SATA to USB powered enclosure.