Failed Recording - How to Re-record?

I had an issue where we lost power and I had several shows that failed to record. When I manually search through the upcoming episodes to try and re-record them, it allows me to select record from the option but it doesn’t record. I have to manually go to the web browser interface and select each failed recording and delete it. Then I have to go back and find the failed recordings at another time and select them to record again.

Am I doing this wrong or is that how it’s supposed to work? Can it be set to automatically record the next airing when one fails?

Find the show you wish to rerecord in the Web channel guide. Click on the show. It will show Recorded in the lower right hand of the window. Click on Recorded. Check the box "Mark as not recorded." Then record as usual. I don't know any automated way to do this, but it works for several shows that the guide "believes" as the same. But it only works after the first -- or, in your case Failed -- recording is made.

Forgot to say, you do not need to delete the Failed recording first, Channels keeps both.

I’m trying to avoid having to use the web UI, my computer (Server) is located in my basement and I use the Apple TV Channels DVR app for 100% of my viewing.

The web UI is accessible from any device- you don't have to be at the physical server.

The failure marks on the Schedule are a very new feature. We know that the dvr doesn't do a great job of noticing and recovering from failures and are working to make that better.

I’m looking for a simplistic approach to this. Grabbing my phone and navigating to the web based UI doesn’t seem very user friendly to me. If I’m browsing the guide on my Apple TV and notice a failed recording.. for whatever reason, it should be as simple as selecting it on the Apple TV and selecting record. I’m confused on why I need to navigate on a computer or phone over to the web UI to do this?!?

We plan to make it easier to re-record from the apps. Right now that functionality has not been added and there are some bugs which make it appear like you can record but don't let you. Until we fix these you would need to use the web UI.

This is something that I am wishing for too - if I lose connectivity or power, during a stream where I only have a show set to record on NEW, have it auto-download upon any failures. I think for now, telling it to record all doesn't work as META data matches...

Thank you team!

I'm a long time 1999 TiVo, 2006 Silicon Dust & Slingbox user who is loving Channels!

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