Failure in today's release

I installed the latest Beta (Windows) about 15 minutes ago. Channels seems to be working both locally and remotely, but I'm getting the following 2 error messages from "Troubleshooting".

DNS Could not reach DNS server: lookup i/o timeout

Remote Access Could not connect to Check if the port is mapped.

There were no error messages from Troubleshooting 2 hours before installing the latest Beta.

Please submit diagnostics so we can see if there's anything going on.

Logs have been submitted as 1fedf152-3887-405e-b7d3-2e9b02c3ee04.

I can connect locally but not remotely after updating
Port error 8089

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Is there a way to roll back?

Same. Can’t connect remotely.

We're taking a look. It's not related to the release, there is something up with our cloud provider.

I am getting this error whenever I try to watch any source using the browser.

2023/01/23 16:11:59 [Recovery] 2023/01/23 - 16:11:59 panic recovered:
runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference
runtime/panic.go:260 (0x100051d95)
runtime/signal_unix.go:835 (0x100051d65) (0x10118a011) (0x10117cce9)[email protected]/context.go:169 (0x101175a81) (0x1011759ac)[email protected]/context.go:169 (0x10116d823) (0x10116d517)[email protected]/context.go:169 (0x10116d48a) (0x10116d46f)[email protected]/context.go:169 (0x10116d347) (0x10116ccba)[email protected]/context.go:169 (0x100614401)[email protected]/recovery.go:107 (0x1006143ec)[email protected]/context.go:169 (0x100613546)[email protected]/logger.go:240 (0x100613529)[email protected]/context.go:169 (0x100cc08b9)[email protected]/sessions.go:65 (0x100cc08a5)[email protected]/context.go:169 (0x100cbaae1)[email protected]/gzip.go:47 (0x100cbaab9)[email protected]/context.go:169 (0x10116e0c5) (0x10116e0b1)[email protected]/context.go:169 (0x100612610)[email protected]/gin.go:598 (0x100612278)[email protected]/gin.go:554 (0x100611db1)
net/http/server.go:2947 (0x10031ab6b)
net/http/server.go:1991 (0x100315e46)
runtime/asm_amd64.s:1594 (0x1000702a0)

Logs sent 5710d333-1183-476b-90ee-b40d9c3f78c4 .

I'm not sure that is related to the latest release either. I posted about this a few days ago. I'm guessing you are able to view recorded content without any issue?

While not a huge deal for me, since most of my clients are i devices, just wanted the developers to know about it.

Remote access should be back to normal.

Yep same thing. Recordings play but live fails. Says something about unsupported format.

Fixed in next prerelease

Confirmed fixed! Thanks for everything you guys do!

Fixed :slight_smile:

Tonight I'm seeing this error:

That error means there’s something bad going on with your DNS.

But Channels was working fine as was surfing the web on the CDVR Mac. And this morning, after changing nothing, that error on the CDVR troubleshooting page no longer appears :man_shrugging: