Fall 2023 Channels DVR Server Update

A new server update was released this week and it's a big one.

• Refreshed UI
• Settings Organization
• Improved First Run Experience
• Built In Tailscale Support
• Troubleshooting Improvements
• And more!!

Learn more about the Fall 2023 Server Update in our announcement:


Well Done on the update!

my server updated yesterday and I didn’t even notice until I read your notice and looked for the changes

Some nice changes , but still the first rate stability and performance I value in your product. Will gladly renew for 2024

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I really enjoy being part of this community and using your product. I appreciate the tremendous support and ongoing hardwork to keep this product viable in an ever changing landscape. Keep up the good work.


Thanks for the update! Doing great!

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Great update. Thanks!

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I'm a big fan of Channels but I have to be honest: I despise the new UI. Not only is it more clicks to do most things but there is more scrolling because you have to scroll back to the top to choose a different section. And everything that that is worse...is much worse on mobile which is how I access the server about 90% of the time.

I completely do not understand this update at all.


I agree. It took my brain forever to find where to make a backup. It’s not good.