Fast forward on Apple TV

When watching a recording I can use the right arrow to jump ahead 30 secs. Left arrow to jump back 10 secs. At least that’s what I understand. However if I hold the right arrow it fast forwards so fast it’s almost impossible to stop in time.

Am I understanding that correctly and is there anything I can do to slow it down?

It also pops up at a commercial with the >|| to skip the commercial. But if I hit that it just pauses. Am I missing something here?

Try pausing your program first and then swiping on the remote to very precisely find whatever spot you are looking for. Pressing and holding forward is not a great way to find a precise point in time, regardless if using channels or other apps.

Regarding skipping the commercial...all you need to do is press the select button on the remote, not the pause button. I believe the icon you are seeing ( >| ) is just indicating you need to select the on screen button to skip the commercial, it is not the pause icon (which would be >|| )

I have not tried pausing first. But I don't quite understand what you mean by swiping on the remote??

I tried hitting select on that commercial skip and nothing happened. Does it take a while for it to do it's thing?

Not sure why you would be having an issue with commercial skip, I have never had a problem.

By swiping on the remote, this is the standard way you move backward and forward on an Apple TV timeline. You can read more about using the Apple TV remote in their user guide here:

The Channels team also has an Apple TV remote user guide here:

Go into settings and change skip from use the button to automatically. Then you don’t have to hit any button, it will automatically skip and give a notification that it skipped the commercials.

Can’t find that setting.

App settings> playback >Commercial skipping

Just getting ready to say I found it. Thanks.

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