Fast speed playback, aka Tivo Quick Mode

More likely a feature of the Channels client app but it would be great to have option for playback recording at at increased speed without chipmunk audio track similar to Tivo Quick Mode. Is something like this possible to add? Maybe allow the end user to specify the speed increase, 20%, 25%, 30%, etc.

I miss this feature that was in Windows Media Center. I could watch sports programs I recorded in double time. Saved me a lot of time on the weekends playing catchup.

This would be a huge feature for me. I still use WMC to record tennis tournaments because I can do playback at fast speed (either 2nd or 3rd gear). That way, I can watch the score tick by and stop as soon as I see something interesting develop. I can't do that with Channels skip ahead because I can't see a fluid picture of what's going on.

+1 for a feature like this. Would love too watch some recordings at 1.5 speed!