Favorites broken on ios/tvos beta - "prod" client works

Just started happening with the new betas. I do not have any categories set up yet.

Deleting / reinstalling beta app doesn't fix, so it's not a case of them being out of sync.
The channels appear when switching to "HD channels"

"Prod" client is fine. The guide in the webui is fine.

Sent on diagnostics from ipad beta.

This is probably tied to the stable and beta versions sharing the same settings.

well yeah, but the implication is that, when this goes live, in theory, it breaks existing favorites. that would be "not good"

I'm on latest DVR prerelease too.

What is broken about it?

Many channels missing. I've tried to narrow it down per-source but haven't put my finger on it yet.

I think what hancox is trying to say cryptically and non intuitively is that the favorites that are set on the server are no longer showing on the beta apple clients favorite filter. i can confirm this.

if thats not what he is trying to say, then i have no idea.

I'm confused. The favorites set on the server never affected channels marked on the client as favorites. Favorites are 100% localized to the client.

What am I missing here?

Sorry - sending while working should be outlawed. :slight_smile: to @AeroR1. Yes - it's the favorites list in the ios/tvos client. Since upgrading the beta client, i lost probably 2/3 of the channels that were there prior to the upgrade.

@maddox I was under the impression that favorites were pulled from server to client once (and once only), and then never synced again. Am i wrong here? That was why i tried re-installing the beta, in order to force that "pull"

Favorites set here:

Used to populate here on the beta:

Now they dont.

They still populate on the stable version:

Yes and no. You are correct that they are pulled at first startup. However, the stable/release version and the beta version share the same settings. So, if one is still installed, the settings remain.

To do what you were trying, you would need to remove all versions of Channels from your device, and only then re-install.

Yep. Thanks.

Even weirder though - i deleted both on an ipad, and started the Beta first. The Favorites list was pulled down successfully.

But, i then tried the stable client, and now it has the issue the Beta one had. Sort of points to the DVR actually being the issue, but let's see.

Submitted diags from DVR too ( ea9d5945-9d3e-44ab-9924-1e66a053b1d5 ), based on this..

Thanks guys, I'm looking into it now.

I lost my Favorites as well. But I used my distribution channels app (which I think is not the dvr version) to help me manually create the New Channel Collections. I am no longer going to use the Favorites Tab which I have turned off.

This has been resolved with the latest update. This was fallout from the Channel Collections beta.

I'm going to close this topic now, please continue any issues on the beta topic for Channel Collections.