Favorites drop down issue

I think I may have found a bug.

My kid was watching a recording of Super Why earlier today. While watching the recording I got out of Channels by holding down the menu button to go back to the home screen. I then held down the tv button to put the ATV to sleep.

After the kid went down I turned the ATV back on and selected the cubs game from the top shelf. Now that the cubs are over I flicked down to being up the favorites but it’s showing me the info for the Super Why episode that my son was watching.

Hope I explained it good enough.

I know this isn't serious but curious if you guys have seen this or can recreate? @tmm1 @maddox

Yep, it’s actually a long standing bug :shushing_face: It’s just a really unique scenario to come up, as you described.



Sorry to bring it out in the open :stuck_out_tongue:

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