Favorites gone from Telly since recent update

I noticed two issues in the recent Android updates on a tablet and Fire device. The first is that Tuner Sharing is now unchecked by default, so we have to enable it on each client for Telly to work at all. I see another thread on this so hopefully in the future if this is already enabled it will remain after the client update.

The second issue is that favorites/hidden data are wiped for the Telly source (on the client). I know that the ability to make changes to these at the client was now implemented, and this is a nice feature and it's working for my OTA and TVE sources but not Telly. The menu options to sync are not there.

If this two way sync option cannot be implemented for Telly, can you please put it back the way it was, so that I can set up hidden and favorites on the server and have them also function on the clients? This will save a lot of time.


Can you try the beta to see is both issues are fixed?

I did try the beta version. I'm not sure about the share tuners issues but really that's easy to fix, just remember to check the box.

The second issue is definitely still present. Instead of the option to sync favorites/hidden there is a non-functional option to update firmware and all channels in the Telly source are set to the default condition, not favorite nor hidden.

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Can you submit diagnostics from the app

I sent the diagnostics from my Android tablet beta app. I selected "guide" as the issue. I'm not sure if that makes a difference in the log contents. Let me know if you want one from a Shield as well.

Thanks. Can you try updating to the latest v8.23.2012 beta to see if its fixed.

Man you guys are fast! Yes, I updated the beta and it's working now and the sync favorites/hidden button is there on Telly too.

It's working on both my tablet and Shield now.

Thanks as usual.

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