Favorites on the DVR

How does that work? I have a few channels favorited on the HDHR and TVE in the web interface, they appear fine on the web under the favorites category but not in the Channels app on ios or apple tv. I assumed they would propagate to the apps but they are not. is this not the case? do Favorites have to be managed on all clients?


Favorites are a bit of a mess at the moment and something we're planning to revamp.

At the moment, when you favorite in the DVR it propagates to your HDHR. The Android app also reads and writes favorite data to the HDHR.

The Apple TV and iOS apps maintain their own favorites list. When you first run the app (or uninstall/reinstall it), it will import the list of favorites set on the HDHR.

It would be nice if the "Scan network for tuners" options in the client settings would pull the tuner settings from the DVR server into the client. (Or perhaps a separate/new option in the settings to pull tuner/favorite settings from the DVR.) In that manner, "master" changes can be managed in the DVR web UI, and then easily propagated to all clients.

Thanks but this doesn’t work. I tried it with the original channels app, the DVR app and the dvr TestFlight app.

Also, it didn’t propagate to the hdhr (my.hdhomerun.com). There are no favorites channels there.


You would have to uninstall all copies of the app, including the main one and the testflight ones and the dvr builds. They all share settings, so if any one is still installed the settings stay on the device.

That worked. Thanks!