Feature Request: Add Realgood or something like it

Some people have made the request to integrate Channels into the TiVo Stream 4K to create a unified interface. After having tested TiVo's options, I agree with this sentiment but also agree with the Developers saying they want to focus in on the Channels app experience. In that vein, I recommend pushing Channels DVR to be a full content aggregator.

If I could go to My Shows within the Channel app and see not just my recordings, but bookmarked shows from all my available streaming services, this would solve the world for me. TiVo has sort of done this, but not good enough. Right now, Channels + Realgood seems like the best way to get there, but it still creates the problem of two places to go to manage all content.

Channels could be THE hub of all content, acting as a quasi OS of its own!

This sounds horrible to me. I like the fact that Channels DVR is simple and focused on what I have decided to record and only shows the channels I watch. If you add content aggregation it will no longer be a simple DVR.


@mike_here I agree. Channels is great, but they are still working on the core functionality. Honestly, I was concerned when they started talking about making it a movie frontend as well.
Plex is a great example of what happens when you try to make your app do everything instead of focusing on your strengths.


Look at Streamio. It's an aggregator that shows you all the options available for viewing: pay, VOD, streaming, torrent...

It has add-ons to to search the sources you want. An add-on for Channels could be made.

We have an experimental way to do this now in Experimental: TV/Movie deep-links via imported .strmlnk files

With this, I think you may have won the content aggregation war! I'll be testing out real soon and decommissioning almost everything else...

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