[Feature Request] Allow enable/disable swipe left/right to change channel in Favorite or "All channels"


Hi, I love this app! Just great! And I just gave a 5 star. :smile:
Would you please consider adding a feature that allows us to set in the settings and do both 1) enable/disable “swipe left or right to change next channels”, 2) if #1 is allowed, please also let us set the swipe left/right action to change next channel in either “Favorite” or “All Channels”?

Please kindly consider. This would make changing channel so much easier. If not, can you please explain why not. Thanks so much for your time.


We need a way to “channel surf”. I’d support this suggestion or something similar allowing a quick way to change channels.


This feature would be huge on my Apple TV. Especially if it could work with the favorite channels. I have the Direct TV Now app and that supports next and previous channels on the Apple TV. It doesn't mean it would be an easy change for the Channels Developers but it would certainly be a big win if you could.