Feature Request: Android Auto

I'm not sure if this is the right category, as there doesn't seem to be a separate category for the Android app in general... but it also seems the phone app isn't separate and maybe the category name is just misleading in its inclusion of "TV".

Anyways, I noticed that in the recent pre-release, audio-only streams were added for live channels. This got me excited about adding those streams to existing apps on my phone that have Android Auto support. The problem though is that those streams only work on the local network, as there's no way (that I can find) to do authentication within VLC or TuneIn, and Android Auto is a bit useless only on the local network :slight_smile:

Request: since the Channels app itself can handle authentication, build Android Auto support into the app, so that channels could be listened to remotely while driving.

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I know you mentioned audio only streams. BUT.... what comes to my mind is the guy who was driving his Tesla while watching Netflix (Harry Potter) and drove underneath a tractor trailer and was decapitated. It was all over the news a couple years ago. 2 miles from my house.

If we get android Auto support I fear that another dumb driver will decapitate himself and Channels DVR will get bad PR.

On side note. I have android auto and I want this feature. So ill give +1 to the vote.

Audio will work today. I have android auto and all you have to do is pull up a show and then turn your phone face down and listen away...

Teslas can’t play video on their screens while the car is in Drive. And Android Auto can’t play video at all.

Yeah, but I want to be able to initiate the stream using the AA interface. "Hey Google, listen to [Channel Name] from Channels". Less of a decapitation hazard that way :smile:

Siri and CarPlay too. So much to listen to, live and recorded, would be awesome to have safe access while driving.

Use a tablet

While driving? That doesn't seem very safe at all.

Ever hear of a passenger

You're not really adding much value to this discussion. It's kinda the equivalent of chiming in to say "stay home and listen to it on your laptop computer"... it's not what we're talking about here.

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To work, and back, though?

Usually when I have a passenger, we're talking to each other, or listening to music. It's only when I'm driving alone, that I'd be looking to listen to talk shows or local TV news.

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Really late response here. but as a workaround I use Synology DS Audio. On my Synology server I define a user-defined radio channel using the Channels DVR audio only link: http://ChannelsDVR_IP:8089/devices/ANY/channels/CHANNEL_NUMBER/hls/audio.m3u8

Then, using the DS Audio app on Android Auto (or Carplay), you can tune to the station and stream the audio. I hope this is helpful.

Darn it @marcuscthomas, now I have to learn a app as I must have this feature!!!! :wink: