Feature request: API to explore library

I’m interested in trying to integrate some stuff with Channels, but I think I need some kind of API to list the contents of the library and specific collections. The API currently doesn’t provide operations to list the contents of the library though. Better still would be the ability to create collections from the API too, but I get that is a much bigger lift.

Is it possible to query the library now from an alternate means (like a JSON file or something on the server)?

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You can use the network inspector in your browser to see the APIs used by the dvr's web UI

Oh, good idea! It looks like the API used by the UI is completely separate from the API in the documentation. I guess that’s because the API in the docs is exposed by apps (like AppleTV) and controls players whereas the UI is for the server?

One other thing that would be awesome for collections by the way: smart rules based on folder names (ideally prefixes so you can include nested folders). That would open up lots of automation possibilities.