Feature Request: Audio Level Stabilization

I hate networks that have substantially louder commercials than the programs (especially with young children that are sleeping). Is it possible to make the audio level output the same for everything?

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You would use your TVs or audio devices audio leaving feature, if you have one. The Channels server may or may not even be touching the audio stream depending on your source media/hardware also if it is doing a passthrough of the source audio. People have varring different hardware setups and devices, so I imagine such a feature would be very hard to implement.

The sound bar i use in my living room has its own Volume Leveling setting and it works very well. My bedroom/office setup, i just use my computer speakers and that has no such feature and yea...it is quite an issue on some channels, especially TVE channels.

I use the new firetvcube and it has volume leveler.

Ah man. Comedy Central TVE has this issue so bad.

The commercials are 3x the volume as the airing program.