Feature Request: Big Target Skip Ahead

I am a recent Channels convert and love the flexibility it provides. Today is my first day using the iPad app, and I was surprised to see that the transport controls are on the top left of the screen. This is the least accessible place on the iPad for most people (right handed, must reach to the farthest corner of the screen). Is there a reason for this?

One application I have is to catch up on DVRd football games while doing my morning cardio. There's a lot of dead time in a game (30 seconds pre-snap, etc.) and I find I can watch a whole game in one 30-40m cardio session if I "manage the clock" well while watching the game.

However, that tiny target in the upper left hand of the screen makes it really hard to skip ahead easily.

A feature of some streaming apps (and I think the TiVo app) that I really like is the ability to skip head by double-tapping anywhere on the right side of the screen, and skip back by doing the same on the left. This requires no UI elements and makes it really easy to navigate through a recording.

So this is my first feature request for Channels!

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My favorite podcatcher app allows user defined gestures for those type of things.
Like swiping (up,down,left,right), tap, double tap, etc.
Makes sense on a touch screen device.

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You can tap twice on the left half or right half of the screen to skip.

We know the iPad player UI is in need of some TLC

Oh wow. I tried that and it did not work but will try again!!

Sorry, it's swipe left/right

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There's also plans to redesign the layout of the player. We totally feel your pain on the layout.


Great! Looking forward to the redesign. Thanks guys for being so responsive.

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